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Memorial Day Tournament


Coming May 24-26

T3TV Battle Royale Classic  MAY 24-26, 2024 for Grades 1st-8th. This Tournament will be held in Mason, Ohio (Home of KINGS ISLAND Amusement Park) at Sports Plus. National player & Team ranking services will be in the building. 

Come show off your hard work and let everyone know your name.

Who will be in the building? 








Courtside Flims 

and MORE !!!


King Island Amusement Park

Be sure to visit only 10 mins away from Courts 4 Sports!! Address below 

6300 Kings Island Dr, Mason, OH 45040

Cancellation Policy

NO refund. Cancellations Policy if you are unable to attend you will be credited to a future event. 



MAY 24-26 ''Memorial Day Weekend''

854 Reading Rd, Mason, OH 45040 (COURTS 4 SPORTS)

Grades 1-5th


10765 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Queen City SportsPlex, Address

Grades 6-8th


Registration deadline is 05/17/24


Residence Inn Cincinnati Northeast/Mason


Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Cincinnati Northeast/Mason

9369 Waterstone Blvd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249


  • Phone Number 513-334-0505 

Cancellation Policy

NO refund. Cancellations Policy if you are unable to attend you will be credited to a future event. 


Last event was amazing!!!


T3TV Battle Royale Tournament rules


I appreciate all you guys support and truly tried to accommodate everyone the best I could.  I look forward to a great weekend of high level competition. Please go check  the schedule and confirm game times as well as venue location. Coaches packets will be available at whatever gym you play your 1st game and will be given to head coaches only. Packets consist of 3 bands (2 coaches and 1 score keeper) please make sure your score keepers put your team name and accurate score on score sheet as these score sheets will be used to update the scores/standings on exposure app.  Here are the rules, please read them thoroughly as they will be strictly enforced. Rules will also be at every scorers table during the games. Thank you for your support!!!




10765 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Sports Plus, Address ( Grades 1-5th )


854 Reading Rd, Mason, OH 45040

Courts 4 Sports, Address ( Grades 6-8th )


Coaches packets will be given to head coaches only. Packets consist of 3 bands (2 coaches and 1 score keeper). ONCE YOU RECEIVE YOUR BANDS WE WILL NOT GIVE ANY ADDITIONAL. IF YOU LOSE YOUR BANDS THEY WILL NOT BE REPLACED. Make sure your score keeper knows they are responsible for stat book or shot clock for ALL of the team games, we will not refund a parent from your team their admission because your listed score keeper was unreliable, we will direct your parent to listed scorekeeper to receive refund. Choose your score keeper wisely.


•All Games will consist of two 14 Mins Half Stop Clock. Overtime is 3 minutes of play.  (Running Clock) Each overtime will begin with a jump ball.  After the 2nd overtime teams will go into sudden death!

- Home Team get the book

- Away team gets the shot clock

- 5 foul - Foul out rule

- 7 Team fouls - 1 & 1

- 10 Team fouls - Double bonus 

- 1st grade - 5th Grade will use 28.5 size ball

- 6-8th grade will use 29.5 size ball 


•All teams will receive Four time outs total! 2 full timeouts and 2 thirty second times outs. 1-full timeout will be added for overtime


•Each team will get 3 minutes to warm up


•Half time will be a maximum of 3 minutes and a minimum of 2 minutes unless both coaches agree to start earlier


• 5 minutes after Game time results in forfeit

4 players required to begin a game (NO EXCEPTIONS)


•Full court pressure is allowed the entire game


•Running clock if a team is up by more than 20 points the clock will not stop again until the score is under 15 points. Game will be stopped in the last 2 minutes if a team is ahead by 20 points or more!


•The top team listed on the schedule is the home team and will wear a light colored jersey


•Each team must provide one responsible person for scorekeeping/shot clock


•Each team should be able to provide proof of age/grade. Players can play with their age and or grade. Players must turn the next age after September 1  in order to play with current age. Teams are allowed to protest player age/grade for $300 fee. (PROTEST MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE GAME STARTS) If protest is successful money shall be returned and opposing team will forfeit game. Loss of protest will result in loss of $300 protest fee.


•Any coach or player that is assessed two technicals will not be allowed to participate the following game of play


•The Tournament Director reserves the right to remove any team from the tournament without refund for unsportsmanlike conduct by parents, players  and/or coaches.  Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated!!!!


•Each team is allowed three bands for admission. Two for coaches and one for score keeper.



•Tiebreaker (if 2 teams have identical records, head to head will decide tiebreaker).


•If there  are 3 teams tied, tiebreaker will be decided by point differential with only teams that are tied. The most points a team can receive is 25 whether its win or loss.


•Teams must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your  scheduled game time. If a game ends early, we reserve the right to start next game on schedule. AGAIN, TEAMS MUST ARRIVE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED GAMETIME•